Wetlands Animal Park, Nottinghamshire. Soppy Llamas, Talking Chickens and a Baby Meerkat!

Wetlands Animal Park.

I'd been excited about the upcoming weekend for a while now. My parents were travelling up from Bristol to pay a visit, which means I get to explore new places that I can't via foot and that I also get to have tasty meals! It had also been my dad's 50th birthday. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the Lincoln Cathedral area, alongside Steep Hill but they only cover a small area of the city. The rest of the city is much like any other town and there also really isn't much to do if you don't find regular new movies at Odeon Cinemas that interest you and if you don't want to go out to bars and night clubs. Whenever my parents come up to visit, we head out on little adventures to discover new places and hidden gems within England. Especially as we love travelling, I think we all find it frustrating when we are stuck in one place for too long.

Today, my father had discovered what sounded like a not so great 'animal park'. We presumed it would just be a few birds, maybe with the odd goat. This park was quite difficult to find and quite a way from Lincoln city, in the Nottinghamshire area. 

However, this was quite possibly the loveliest animal park I have ever visited in England. For some reason it seemed the park didn't have much business, I only spotted two other families there during the whole four hours that we were!

As the weather was slightly warmer today and I presumed this park would have some what of a farmland/countryside feel, I really went for a British country girl style.

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As you can see, for a start, you can feed a lot of the animals here. Which is always great fun! I found I developed a love for Alpaca Llamas! They were so soppy and had ridiculously soft noses and seemed to like hugs! Nothing like I expected at all!

I also think my outfit was rather fitting for this trip! I won't waffle too much to you all about the trip, I have lots of lovely photos of all of the wonderful animals you should expect to find at this beautiful Wetlands Animal Park! Llamas, Deer, Sheep, Meerkats, Skunks, Wallabies, Monkeys, Lizards, Chickens, Peacocks, Parrots and much more!

Yes, this is a chicken on the table! It was super friendly and talked to me, in cluck language! Very VERY cute!

I'm amazed as to how well my photos of the animals came out! They were all gorgeous, cute things! However, I had some extra perks on this trip. The first was in the wallaby enclosure.

Can you see how cute that is? A wallaby hopped over with a baby in its pouch. It was so adorable and something I never thought I'd get to see in real life! These were also very friendly animals!

Finally, my other experience was with a cute baby meerkat.

This little baby meerkat had been rejected by its mother. The keepers have been feeding it and caring for it from birth. Seeing as there was nobody around, this lovely keeper offered me a chance to hold the baby meerkat! It was surprisingly soft, friendly and just very cute! I wanted to take it home!

I ended this trip with a Mega Supercurlycrunchielistic Choccaberry Sundae. Yeah, try saying that at the bar! This was in a pub called the King & Miller and I ate the whole thing to myself! Kidding! It was shared with my fiancé, Ian, who eats more than a black hole so it didn't really matter that I only managed about three bites. (You can also enjoy a lovely read about my engagement in the CN Tower, Toronto, by clicking here!)


  1. What docile friendly animals! The deer and wallaby with baby are adorable. That "Mega Supercurlycrunchielistic Choccaberry Sundae" is huge! It's amazing that you only managed around three bites! It looks delicious. I cracked up when I read that your fiancé Ian eats more than a black hole (still chuckling). The photos you took in Nottinghamshire are beautiful.


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