21, an awkward age for fashion?

Urban Outfitters Led Zeppelin black tank vest top All My Friends Are Dead Dinosaur White T Shirt Primark Cream Black Lace Blouse Shirt Foxylocks Extensions

So, today is Saturday. Always a great day, especially when a delivery from Urban Outfitters arrives!

I'd been notified of one of those 15% off days, which honestly is enough to tempt me over as I adore this shop so much! It always brings out my "fun" side of fashion, but this is where I sometimes worry myself... I recently turned 21 as of only a couple of weeks ago and I start to question, am I too old to be wearing t-shirts with dinosaurs on? Or baggy tanks with bands I love on with low cut arm holes?

Urban Outfitters Ripple Junxion All My Friends Are Dead Dinosaur T Shirt Top white indie
So cute right? The dinosaur makes me feel sad haha! This was from Urban Outfitters by Ripple Junxion for £28

I feel like "image" is still a rather big deal in society, you are judged if you wear all black as a "goth" and therefore are a certain way. If you wear t shirts with pictures on you'll be perceived as childish and so on. Being at university I can definitely say my insecurities have increased a lot and I think far more about my appearance than I ever used to. In clubs I always get envious of the taller girls with the amazing fashion, for some reason I can never pick out those same things, I always used to end up choosing things that made me look "odd" if nothing else. 

Throughout my childhood I've always been a collector and a bit of a nerd at times. I got swept up with the Dragonball Z craze and collected the models, spammed my room with music and film posters and generally decorate my room to resemble my personality so that people can get a good assumption of who I am when they first walk in.

Urban Outfitters Led Zeppelin Black Vest Tank Top rock grunge indie style fashion
Led Zeppelin tank top (It really has a gorgeous fit!) from Urban Outfitters for £32

I guess I want my fashion to do the same. I want to be presentable in day to day life and I do feel the pressure to wear the hair right with make up. However, I never want to find fashion a chore. If you're anything like me, you'll probably find you have different mood days, today I really felt like rocking out this Led Zeppelin tank, tomorrow I might want to strut a more sophisticated look, the next day I might just wear a hooded jacket with jeans. Like with music, I guess some people might say, "How can you like this band and this band?!" because the genres just seem too contradicting. There is nothing wrong with variety! And I'll choose to say the same about my wardrobe. I can't decide, I honestly can't decide if I want to go for a more mature fashion, or whether I want to keep wearing graphic t shirts and tanks, so I'll do both! My advice to any of you stuck in this situation is just to think about your personality and how you want your fashion to resemble you. In my eyes if it has a good colour and cut, it will be stylish on you.

Primark Atmosphere cream black lace sleeveless shirt blouse top indie vintage british fashion style
A more "grown up" look, from Primark. (It looks so much like a Topshop top doesn't it?!) A cream and black lace sleeveless shirt, very vintage and just so pretty! Was only £10! You can see it in colour in the top set of 3 images, it is the furthest on the right.

This top from Primark I feel resembles more of my "grown up" look I'd hope to achieve, even then I feel like it isn't overly generic and has a quirky style, which I guess works well for what I want? I was really shocked to find this, I was certain this would have been more likely from Topshop or Urban Outfitters! A really good buy!

All of these clothes are in stock at the moment so if you want to express yourself with some fun style, go ahead! 


  1. I sometimes think that I'm dressing too young for my age, i'm 27 and I love girly style. At times, i wonder if I should just start wearing dark colours to appear more grown up. I'm also jealous of taller fashionable girls too, i'm so short! I say lets have fun with fashion and style! I've just been working on a range of t-shirts, (i'll blog about it soon). I have tried to turn it towards a fashionable direction and away from the old "t-shirt and jeans" cliche, so hopefully that will help you with some style ideas xxx

  2. I definitely agree with having fun with the fashion and style. There is always the worry that by conforming to dressing a certain way, everyone could end up dressing the same and looking the same, which could create a bland world which would be a real shame!

    That sounds great also! :) I'm looking forward to seeing it! Thank you for the comment, it's appreciated a lot! xx

  3. hi. 21 is a great age, like any age to get into fashion and develop your personal style. I discovered you on Chictopia today and thought I'd say hi :)

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia fashion


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